Thursday, December 4, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This week has flown by! After a year of planning, I get to finally decorate my Christmas tea tables. I still have some little things I need to get, and I know I will need to make a list or I will be making 20 trips to Walmart! I put up our Christmas tree tonight. Frank will have no part of putting up the tree...or taking it down for that matter. He and Jacob thought it should go in one place, and I gave first. But when I realized I was the only one in the room putting the doggone thing together, I figured I could put it anywhere I please! And I did :o) And it looks lovely there. A bit naked, but lovely. I fluffed it all out and put the lights on it (oh why didn't I pay the extra $20 for the prelit tree?) but I haven't put the decorations on yet. Paige wants to help with that, and she had to go to bed, so it'll wait a little longer. But for now, I can go lay on the couch (after I fold the clothes that are on it) and bask in the glow of my Christmas tree...MY Christmas tree, and think about what else I must do to make those tables as absolutely fabulous as possible!


steph said...

I cannot wait to see your tables on Saturday night! They are gonna be gorgeous! Do you realize that this is the first "kick-off" event of the Christmas season? You are the reason we get in the holiday spirit! You got me beat... my tree isn't going up until tonight!

Tina G. said...

You Steph and Hollie are really tempting me to start a blog! I log on everyday to see what ya'll have to say! Can't wait to see your tables!