Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you have had as merry a Christmas as we have! I take back all of the things I have ever said about Frank's gift giving abilities. He and the kids gave me a bracelet I have been admiring since my jewelry store days (circa 1991) and the laptop I am typing this on! :o) Aren't these just the cutest kids you have ever seen?! I bribed Jacob with opening one gift early last night to get a good pic out of him.
My favorite part of Christmas is watching them open their presents. They never notice the things they didn't get, and are always very excited about what they did. Apparently I miscounted and Paige had more to open then Jacob, and as much as I worried over it, it didn't bother Jacob at all. They are really good kids, because my sisters and I would have had a hissy fit over something dumb like that. Frank's favorite gift was a watch...I got him good with a cheap watch under the tree and his real watch hidden in his stocking. Poor guy was trying to be excited about the el cheapo in the panty hose box, haha! Jacob's favorite was probably a civil war ps2 game that he didn't know existed and Paige's was her American Girl doll, Mia.
I am very blessed to be able to have given my kids the things they wanted for Christmas, and I know that the only reason I can do that is because of the gift we were all given for Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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