Monday, March 1, 2010

Princess Diana

I loved Princess Diana. I remember going to my granny's early in the morning to watch the wedding coverage when she and Charles got married. I was very young, but I knew that she was a big deal! I sat and cried while watching the funeral coverage when she died. She was a fairy tale to me. Well, I get to see my fairy tale up close and personal Saturday. Frank is taking me to the Princess Diana exhibit in Atlanta! He is definitely taking one for the team because it is of no interest whatsoever to him. But I am soooooooo excited! There are over 200 artifacts on display. Her clothes, documents, jewels. But probably the most exciting thing on display will be this...

AMAZING! Perhaps the most famous (and beautiful in my opinion) wedding gown of all time! And I get to see it! In person! If I'm allowed to take pics, I will be posting lots of them. Humor's not every day a girl gets this close to her fairy tale.

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