Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today was my first foray into couponing. I went to a Women on Mission meeting on Tuesday night and was inspired to try the couponing thing. I spent way too much time trying to prepare, but it didn't help so much at CVS. A lot of the best deals were already gone. When I got to the checkout, there was no one in line, so I asked the lady could I break it up so I could use my Extra Care Bucks. You could tell she didn't want to do that, so I broke it up into only two batches. Something happened, because on the second batch, I didn't get the ECB's I was supposed to...the receipt said "limit reached". These were on different types of items, so I don't know what happened. By this time, there were 3 people in line behind me so I didn't ask any questions. I left very disappointed. I came back home and went through the Kroger ad with my coupons in hand. I think I did great at Kroger. I bought $120something worth of groceries for $82.something. I saved about half with Kroger card, and the other half with coupons. I got 4 old spice deodorants (which Frank uses) for $3.76. I got a Secret for me for $0.88. I got two bags of chex mix for $1.00, and 4 cans of pringles for $4.00. I also got deals on brownie and cake mixes and cookie dough. This is not stuff I usually buy, but it is stuff that my family will definitely use! Our pantry is overflowing (it's usually empty) and the refrigerator is full. I can't wait to get Sunday's paper to see what deals I can find next week!

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Hollie said...

It's super addicting. Last night at CVS I spent 2 something, saved 43 and got back 10 ECB. Good Luck! It's too bad y'all don't have a Publix in Milly. They have the best deals ever!