Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Bathroom Metamorphosis

We moved into our beloved 1970's ranch style house in late 2006. Almost every original finish was still in the house and we immediately started updating the house. We had to start with the kitchen because it needed help the most and we did other projects as we had time and funds available. Spring 2008 we did a mini redo of the master bath, but we finally bit the bullet and did a total gut and rebuild March 2010. We are VERY blessed that Frank's dad is an awesome carpenter and he came up and worked for 3 long weeks building my dream bathroom. It is freshly finished, and I haven't started decorating it yet, but I couldn't wait to show it off! So here it is, My Bathroom Metamorphosis!
The Before's

The bathroom was divided into two separate rooms divided with a bi-fold door. In the front room was a double sink. In the mini-remodel we put up bead board over the hunter green wallpaper and I painted the mirrors and the cabinets. When Paige broke her leg, she scratched the paint off the cabinets with her crutches.

The second room held the toilet and tub. It had the original harvest gold tile and huge toilet that hung on the wall. It was not water efficient to say the least, and we called it our 5 gallon bucket toilet.

Harvest gold tub...the finish was so worn you just couldn't make it look clean.
The view from one end of the bathroom to the other.

Opposite view from hallway door through the bathroom.

A closet from the master bedroom butted into the bathroom and there was a door into the bedroom.

Gotta love all that harvest gold.

The During's

Demo started with pulling down the beadboard....see the green wallpaper we started with originally.
The walls started coming down.

Oh the mess!

This one is out of order, but under the carpet pad was the original green carpet glued to the floor...gross!

The After's

We now have one big bathroom. It only opens into the master bedroom so it's a true master bath. We just have a case opening into the bedroom and so far, I love it. This is my vanity. My father-in-law built the cabinets in our garage so I could have exactly what I wanted.

I love my new Jacuzzi tub and the tile turned out so pretty!

This is the view from my bedroom doorway. The window is the one thing that did not change in the bathroom!
Here is the view across from the window. I have a ladder shelf that will go there to hold towels and pretty things.

This is "his" vanity. No more sharing!!!

Another view of my vanity. I've not been able to put on my makeup in the bathroom for 3 1/2 years...I've been getting ready in my closet!

The water closet. This used to be a tiny linen closet, but we enlarged it to use it as the w.c. This included raising the floor because it goes over the basement stairs and without raising the floor, you would bump your head going down the stairs.

This shows the location of the w.c.
I love my new bathroom, and have been able to use it for two days now! I am going to get it all decorated while I'm home for spring break and can't wait to get to Hobby Lobby to get some new things picked out! I'm linking to Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphosis Monday for the first time today. I read it every week, and am so excited to finally be joining the party! Be sure to drop by some of the other links...I'm sure that you will be inspired!
And here's one more pic of my bathroom because it's so darn pretty!


Andrea said...

This looks absolutely wonderful! Great job, it made such a difference! I bet you will enjoy it for years to come!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

What a beautiful transformation and I can feel your excitement over the his/hers sinks! Have fun putting the finishing touches on your lovely new bathroom. :)

Low Tide High Style said...

You must be so thrilled with the way your remodel turned out! It's really beautiful and I love the tub, tile, and that gorgeous vanity! Enjoy your wonderful new bath!

Kat :)

Terry said...

Bravo. I love the your tile. I confess I was getting woozy looking at the harvest gold tile. I think y'all saved the day. Best wishes on your new bath.

helenabelle said...

What a great renovation. Enjoy!

Allison Shops said...

What a difference! Enjoy your new bath.

I hope you'll drop by AtticMag and give JaneT some advice for her headboard to bench project.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful transformation! Looks so nice!

shannon said...

wow! What an overhaul. I love the way it turned out. Thanks for sharing this,

Treasia Stepp said...

What a great renovation. I love how i turned out. Love your new vanity as well.

Dining Delight said...

Terrific reno! That Harvest Gold was really in need of an update and what an update you did! Love your vanities and your new tub! Can't wait to see it all decorated with new "pretties"!


Jen T said...

Cathryn you guys did a great job! It's so pretty and you're going to have FUN decorating! Enjoy it & I had fun reading your post!

Pam said...

Wow! This transformation is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

linda said...

What a metamorphosis! Everything turned out beautiful! I have to say, you are one lucky girl to have a carpenter in your family!

We are about to redo 3 bathrooms so I'll be feeling your pain very soon. I'm not looking forward to all the mess but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Wish me luck!

subgirl said...

Beautiful redo!! Post again when you have it decorated!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a difference; you must be so excited! Congratulations on a job well done!

Ellie said...

Looks great! Don't you just love knowing that there isn't a layer of yuck underneath everything?!

Laura Burciaga said...

What a difference!!

Jetted Bathtubs said...

Amazing renovation project. I am a big fan of the extended vanity.