Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekend in the Mountains

This weekend we took a very short trip to Blue Ridge. I really wanted to go to the orchard, and after looking at the calendar, this was the only time we could go. We had to wait for Frank to get out of his Saturday class, and had a pretty miserable ride up in the rain, but when we got up Sunday morning, it was sooooooo worth the trip! This is where I wanna live when I grow up!
This is a few of the things we bought at the orchard. TWELVE fried pies (you get a 5 percent discount), cider, apple cinnamon bread (one loaf was for the McCoy's), plus a peck of apples and Christmas gifts for my teacher friends...and some honey, because Frank insisted we needed honey even though I just threw away a jar that had crystallized.

We ate dinner at the Pink Pig...don't waste your time.

Sunday, we slept late, then took the scenic route home from the mountains. We called ourselves looking for an acre of land to park the camper on for vacations, but the one Frank called about was $41,000!!!!!
Ahhh, a nice, though too short, trip to the mountains. Tomorrow I am off to South Carolina for my nephew's boot camp graduation. OoRah! (or something like that!)

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Roxanne said...

I'm guessing this means you aren't going on the Women's Retreat next weekend??? Glad y'all had a good trip, sometimes even a short one is just what you need!