Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Channelling My Happy Homemaker Side

I finally made it to Walmart today to get some fabric for my tablescape. In case you aren't as in tune with your happy homemaker side as I am, that is the fancy word for the decorations on your table. There is a blog that has Tablescape Thursday with the most beautifully decorated tables you have ever seen. I am nowhere ready for Tablescape Thursday, but I did want to make a pretty centerpiece using the pumpkins I found at Mama's. We had them for sale at the 2nd yardsale, and now, I am glad they didn't sell. I put those bad boys in my car and voila! Tablescape Tuesday!

Just in case you were not already impressed enough...I cooked tonight! Paula Deen's Chicken with Wine Sauce, minus the white wine (I substituted chicken broth), herbed dressing with cranberries, and green beans. The chicken was very good, and I had to use up the rest of the herbed dressing that didn't go in the recipe. It just so happens that I had some dried cranberries in the cabinet left over from the sinful cranbery coconut bars that I made forever ago. But keeping it real, I cooked all the water out of the green beans and they burned on bottom. I just spooned the unburned ones into a bowl, and no one noticed...I hope my family doesn't read my blog and find out why Mama didn't eat the green beans! ;o)

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