Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday, Oct 15

My friend Sharon drove Paige and me to Atlanta today for Paige's checkup on her knee. (I was prepared to drive us, but Sharon seemed like she needed a day off, so I let her do the driving.) We ate lunch at Bahama Breeze and then went to the dr's appt. Everything looked great on the x-ray, and they think the bit of knee pain she is having is due to her flat feet, so we are getting her some inserts for her shoes. Her knee looked so good in fact, that the dr said if another dr examined her knee, he wouldn't be able to tell she ever had an injury other than the surgical scar! After the dr's appt, we stopped in Conyers and hit the Old Navy clearance racks. We haaaaad to stop, because it was COLD (under 60 degrees) and we were totally unprepared. We stopped again in Madison for coffee. We were all set for Starbucks, but the Starbucks in Madison is closed! We settled for gas station "gourmet" coffee. Not as good, but not as expensive either.

Tonight, Jacob and I watched a program on the Military channel about Marine bootcamp. We see Kevin in just a week, and can't wait to see him! I can't believe that he has made it through all that they have to go through, and am nervous about the crucible. The crucible is a 56 hour training ordeal that they go through at the end where they are sleep and food deprived. They march 40 miles and go through 36 different training events. It is going to be so hard for him, but I keep telling myself that this is what they've been training him to do. When he completes the crucible, he will be a Marine. I can't wait to see our Marine! I hope they have a bumper sticker or magnet that says Proud AUNT of a US Marine!

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Caryn said...

Proud to hear Paige's appoint went good. We are all proud of our Marine!!!