Sunday, September 20, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

Or tubing, but I couldn't think of a song or catchphrase for that. This afternoon we went out on the boat with Gene and Cindy and Jacob, Paige and Matthew tubed. I was scared to death we were gonna send one or all of them careening out of control, but they all did great and HUNG ON! Jacob tried to knee board, but couldn't get the hang of it. I tried and tried to keep them from trying this without someone who knew what they were doing, but oh no, no one would listen to the one in the life jacket who can't swim and is a complete scaredy cat about water...whatever! We left when the clouds started boiling up, and we made it home right before the bottom fell out of the sky. I didn't have my phone or camera, but I sure wish I had gotten pictures of the looks on their was priceless to see them have so much fun!

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Roxanne said...

Sounds like fun! Good to hear y'all are enjoying the boat.