Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Headlights, that is. As soon as I got home from work yesterday, we hit the road. Some awesome weekend getaway, you think. Uh, no. We drove to Pell City, AL to pick up a trailer for the pontoon boat. Frank had alredy been looking for one long before he bought Rick's boat. (He had some crazy idea about getting Daddy's broken down pontoon boat and turning it into a bow hunting boat....I'm not sure he has totally ditched that idea!) Anyway, pontoon boats trailers are VERY pricey, but he found one on Craig's List for a lot less. And it wasn't a used hunk of junk, it actually was custom built to his specs. And built out of square tubing, not angle iron, which apparently is a big deal or something. All I know is that his trailer was ready, so we made a road trip. We drove straight over, with one stop because my bladder was gonna burst, got the trailer, ate at Cracker Barrell, then drove straight home, no stops. We left at 3:30, and got home at 11:30. I finally watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on the ride home, so it wasn't too bad. (but the back seat is not near as comfy as the front seat) Frank was very happy with the trailer, and Paige was very happy with Cracker Barrell. Jacob was at Coop's house, so this was a date night for Paige. Frank said at dinner that Paige would have made a perfect only child...but then again, so would Jacob. It's amazing how well behaved one child at a time is compared to the heathens my children can be in a vehicle for hours and hours sitting next to each other...but after sitting in the backseat myself last night, I think I know why they would show out so bad!

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