Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best or Worst Mother

I've decided that I'm either the best or worst mother ever. I went to the grocery store today, with the best of intentions on cooking a vidalia onion casserole and chicken and dressing. When I got home, Frank said he only had about 15 minutes before he had to head to the church for a meeting, so there went my supper idea. Instead, I made a homemade recipe I have never made or even eaten before. These were my main ingredients...

Yep, Fluffernutters for Dinner!
Please don't laugh at the fact that they were on hamburger buns. It never occured to me to buy bread at the grocery store. They were delicious!

So, best mother for making something utterly sinful for dinner, or worst mother for making something utterly sinful for dinner?


steph said...

OK, i am laughing my head off as I read this at 6am in the morning!!! You made my day! Of course you are the worst mother! :) I've never fed my family peanut butter and marshmellowfluff on a hamburger bun!!! Hilarious!
The worst I think I've ever done is
chinese food for breakfast!
Don't tell my girls, they will want to move in with you!

Tina G said...

Okay, so seriously, you are right up there with the top blogs I love! thanks to the fluffernutters!!!!!! hi lar i ous !

Roxanne said...

I am so clueless...fluffernutters?? What in the world?