Saturday, August 8, 2009

The First Week of School

For the first time in a long, I actually enjoyed my job this week! I really dreaded going back to work, but now that I'm there, it's actually been pretty great! I have a different type of kids this year, and WOW! I forgot that there were kids like this left in public schools. They are smart and funny and actually love school. I know that it's still the honeymoon stage, and there will be tough days ahead, but I haven't felt this positive about what I do in a long time. I have a great student teacher who is a huge help. I'm not very good at delegating things, but we work really well together. (I hope she feels the same way!) I meet her advisor Monday morning. (I hope she feels the same way too!)

The rest of my family starts school Monday. All three of them, going to school together, like I used to do with them. I'm jealous of that. I used to be the one who knew what was going on with their school lives, and Frank was the one on the outside looking in, and all that changed when they changed schools, and he became their ride. Now, it is officially the opposite, because he will be working there too! It's a really neat bond to have with your kids, and I miss it. I officially met Paige's teacher Thursday night, and I am quite certain she thinks I am the meanest mother ever. Paige had already been there several hours and was VERY HYPER, so I was aggravated with her behavior and wanted her to be quiet and sweet and not bossy and loud. The only things I could think to say to her teacher was about her negative traits, so she has to be thinking "What have I gotten myself into? If the kid isn't crazy, the mother sure is!" Sure wish I could take that first impression back. If any of you reading this want to, you have my permission to tell Mrs. Thomas that Paige is actually a pretty good kid, and her mother is not always a psycho. (OK, I won't ask you to lie, just tell her Paige is a pretty good kid!)

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