Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yum Yum Tuesday

Frank and I decided to reschedule "Date Night" to Sunday afternoon because he has so much going on with school and I'm worn out from my school and the kids will be playing Laser Tag Sunday afternoon so we have the day to ourselves. Since it's not Date Night, I got a wild hair and decided to cook something new to make it a special Tuesday anyway.

Sunday afternoon I found a great website with WW friendly recipes. www.skinnytaste.com I saw a good sounding recipe for feta chicken and decided to try it for dinner tonight. I actually did some tweaking and expanding and I hope it turns out as delicious as it smells. Paige is already turning her nose up at the thought of artichoke hearts and Jacob is wary of the spinach, but I'm looking forward to a Greek inspired dinner. Opa!

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